Will my job be taken over by a robot?
How did Pokémon Go become so huge, so fast?
What’s the thing with Snapchat?
Why all this talk about artificial intelligence?
Will self-driving cars make any difference?
And what the actual f**k is Bitcoin?

We want to encourage people to meet up in a friendly, social environment - over a cup of coffee, a beer or a glass of wine - to chat about the exciting, and sometimes scary, issues that surround our digital future.

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Host a Hello Future Social Club in your house or join in the chat at someone else’s kitchen table.

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What is the Hello Future Social Club?

A movement that wants to engage and inform people, through discussion clubs, about the digital world and the possibilities of digitalization, globalization and technology.

How does it work?

  1. Pick a topic for the eventing. Here's some tips and topics to help you along the way.
  2. Set a date to invite people. Could be for coffee, dinner or perhaps breakfast.
  3. Make it happen!

We're still figuring things out, and would love to hear your thoughts!

Who are we?

We’re Hello Future, a collective of designers and engineers with a huge interest in how digital technology shapes the world.

Why are we doing this?

We're big believers in the potential of new technology and love dreaming big about a digital future. However, we also see that there's a growing divide in society between those who benefit from the digital development and those who fall behind. We want to bridge that gap, and believe the best place to start is to get people talking to each other and learning from each other to hopefully become more future friendly. It’s about giving people hope instead of feeding their fears.

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